I have trouble keeping up all my enterprises; acting, adventuring, pirating, painting on t-shirts, being a surprise screenwriter, geeking out, living in my apartment, and this tumblelog.
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I’m making it my policy to reblog this whenever it crosses my dash.  Y’all need to see it whether ya know it or not.  You’re loved, and don’t you ever forget that!!

What the nice lady said!

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So, whoever made this has taught me more in this one pic set than 12 years of grade school, 4 years of college and my ongoing years in law school. 

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Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.

I love this all but when I am hungry or not really comfortable I am going to be mad at my self not gavin a back up

Lets pretend we live in a world where money is an object. For example, a world where money, even a small amount of it, is necessary to live comfortably. Then what question do we ask?

Usually, I’m captain optimism. But it bothers me when I see posts and animated version of a college professor’s lecture like this that forget how some don’t have the financial buffer to allow them to start up their pet project. They leave out the part where you have to live a sort of double life for maybe five years before your knitting enterprise takes you to where money is made or less of an object. And getting through that is where people need the most motivation. Granted this post is implying that you’re already doing what you love and decided to give it up. In which yes, she is absolutely right.

So for those who are hungry and uncomfortable, dare I propose we ask, What can I do to make money while continuing to do what I love?

Then you can continue on and ask yourself How can I do both? What can I do to manage my time more effectively? So on and so forth.

Sorry if I’m a bummer, I’m at work now struggling to get a shift covered so I can do my passion thing.

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"How bad do you want it?…"

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful"

You can download the mp3 version of this speech for your iPods/iPhones here: http://limelinx.com/files/3ed5cb6676f…

Inspirational video featuring Giavanni Ruffin (running back for East Carolina).

Speech by Eric Thomas (AKA The Hip Hop Preacher).






Being fit isn’t about body size or shape. It’s about optimizing your body’s potential to do awesome shit like this.

this is so inspirational.

For real. I am so tired of people equating fit to being thin. Fuck that.

this is the first time i’ve seen this posted with body positive messages.  great!

As someone who has done gymnastics in various forms, his height is incredible. Check out where his head is - nearly chest level! And he drops his legs down so easily, arms tucked back casually. 

Rock on, dude. You’re amazing.

I’m thin and totally out of shape. I can’t do anything awesome like that!

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this girl literally destroys all other covers of let it go and she does it sitting down

Okay, I’ve never even seen Frozen, but I’ve heard Let It Go and this is actually fucking mindblowing.

If my linguistics background and language teaching training are reading this correctly, English is probably not this girl’s first language (though it’s possible that she is bilingual, just probably not from birth), because the /l/ phoneme was introduced to her later in life (or in a different way than it is in English)- you can hear it on certain words, like “girl”, where she struggles to blend the two phonemes, and other indicators of non-native fluency like moments where the cadence of a word or part of a phrase is audibly foreign to her, but she fucking nails the intonation of more than ninety percent of the song on top of belting it out from a goddamn chair.

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Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.

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Most importantly: you’re stronger than you think.


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